Majority of Higher-Income Hispanic Parents Own a Tablet

December 30, 2013

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NorthwesternNCFL-Hispanic-Parents-Mobile-Access-by-Income-Dec2013Among Hispanic parents of 0-8-year-olds, 54% of those with incomes of at least $75,000 per year own an iPad or other tablet, per recently-released survey results [pdf] from Northwestern University and the National Center for Families Learning. Tablet adoption is significantly lower among middle-income ($25-75k; 31%) and lower-income (<$25k; 19%) Hispanic parents, however those figures very likely understate current penetration rates. That’s because the survey was conducted in late 2012, and national tablet adoption rates have grown rapidly since then.

The survey also reveals that smartphone adoption rates stood at 77% among the middle-income and 78% among the higher-income group. Those are already high numbers – but again are likely to be higher now given the growth trajectory of smartphone penetration.

Overall, 76% of Hispanic parents owned an internet-capable mobile device (smartphone, tablet and/or iPod Touch or similar device) at the time of the survey.

Not surprisingly, parents and their children spend the most amount of their screen time with the TV. According to the survey results, parents were spending roughly 6-and-a-half hours per day in front of a screen – more than 40% of which was spent watching TV or DVDs (2 hours and 42 minutes). Computers were the next-largest time hog (1 hour and 46 minutes), followed by smartphones (1 hour and 21 minutes). While parents averaged only about 20 minutes per day with tablets, that’s likely owing to smaller penetration rates.

About the Data: The report presents the results of a nationally representative survey of 663 Hispanic parents of children ages 8 or under. The survey was conducted online by the firm GfK from November 27 through December 10, 2012, and was offered in English or Spanish. Eighty percent of the Hispanic respondents opted to take the survey in English, and 20 percent chose the Spanish-language version.

The survey used GfK’s KnowledgePanel, an online probability panel recruited through random-digit-dial telephone surveys and address-based sampling. Recruits who were not already online were provided with computers and dial-up Internet access so that they could serve on the panel.

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