Sponsored Tweets Gaining Traction With Brand Marketers

December 20, 2013

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IZEA-Forms-of-Social-Sponsorships-Used-by-Marketers-Dec2013Sponsored Tweets are becoming more popular with marketers, says IZEA in a new study [registration required] which it put together using input from 10,000 brand marketers, social media consultants and key social influencers. According to the research, a slight majority (52%) of marketers have used Sponsored Tweets, up from 47.3% last year and 39.4% in 2011. In fact, Sponsored Tweets have moved ahead of sponsored blog posts (51% using this year) as the most commonly used form of social sponsorship.

While the use of sponsored videos (33%) and sponsored check-ins (23%) remain relatively flat from last year, marketers are increasingly turning to sponsored photos, with the 33% using them this year a significant rise from 24.4% last year. This year marked the first year that IZEA measured marketers’ use of sponsored pins on Pinterest – which 29% report having used.

Overall, 61% of marketers said they have compensated a social media publisher with some type of incentive with the expectation that would be some mention through their social stream. Cash appears to be the preferred mode of compensation for both marketer and influencer.

Most influencers go beyond the terms of their agreement, according to the survey: 6 in 10 share additional posts about their sponsors outside of the contract; 8 in 10 verbally tell a friend about brands that sponsor them; and almost 9 in 10 report being more likely to purchase from brands that sponsor them.

Other Findings:

  • The quality of the advertiser is the top factor influencers consider when offered a social media sponsorship.
  • Around 7 in 10 influencers say they either use Twitter many times a day (53.8%) or are Twitter “addicts” (16.6%).
  • About 1 in 4 influencers said that they spend the equivalent of a full-time job using social media each week.
  • FTC guidelines dictate that if content is compensated, it is sponsored and that must be disclosed. Yet, close to 4 in 10 influencers claim to have “no understanding” of FTC guidelines.
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