Majority of US Web Traffic in Q3 Suspected to be Fraudulent

December 19, 2013

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SolveMedia-US-Suspicious-Traffic-Trends-Q1-Q3-2013-Dec201351% of web traffic in the US was deemed to be “suspicious” in Q3, representing a new high, according to the latest Quarterly Bot Traffic Market Advisory from Solve Media. Unlike in Q2, when global levels of suspicious activity exceeded comparable levels in the US, the Q3 figures show that levels of suspicious web activity were higher in the US than across the globe (43-47%). Suspicious mobile activity, while not on the same level as desktops, is also on the rise in the US. During Q3, Solve Media estimates that 27% of mobile activity in the US was suspicious, up from 22% during the previous quarter.

Confirmed bot traffic was in the range of 22-29% globally for web advertising and in the 11-14% range for mobile advertising.

The Solve Media data follows a report from Incapsula which estimated that bots now represent 61.5% of global website traffic, up from 51% a year earlier. Most of the increase is the result of search engines and other “good bots,” which now represent 31% of web traffic, up 55% from last year. Other bot traffic includes scrapers (5% of total traffic; flat from last year); hacking tools (4.5% share; down 10%); spammers (0.5% share; down 75%); and other impersonators (20.5% share; up 8%). “Other impersonators” are defined as “unclassified bots with hostile intentions.”

About the Data: Solve Media reviews a monthly average of over 270 million human verifications across more than 7,500 global publishers.

For the purpose of its report, Incapsula observed 1.45 Billion visits, which occurred over a 90 day period. The data was collected from a group of 20,000 sites on Incapsula’s network, which consists of clients from all available plans (Free to Enterprise). Geographically, the traffic covers all of the world’s 249 countries, per country codes provided by an ISO 3166-1 standard.

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