Tablet Video Viewers Spending One-Quarter of Their Time With Content More Than 1 Hour Long

December 12, 2013

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Ooyala-Share-of-Time-by-Video-Length-and-Device-inQ3-Dec2013Mobile and tablet video plays reached a new high of 15% share of all online video plays during Q3, more than double the share from a year earlier, reports Ooyala in its latest quarterly global video index. Along with the rapid rise of mobile video viewing (put in context here), Ooyala’s data indicates that viewers are spending a significant proportion of their time with long-form content. So while data suggests that most mobile phone video views are of short-form content, the results surrounding actual time spent with video tends to paint a picture of a mobile viewer who is more comfortable with longer content.

Here’s how the figures pan out:

  • Mobile video viewers spent 57% of their viewing time with videos longer than 10 minutes, including 19% streaming content longer than one hour;
  • Tablet video viewers spent 60% of their viewing time with videos longer than 10 minutes, including 25% streaming content longer than one hour; and
  • Connected TV video viewers spent 71% of their viewing time with videos longer than 10 minutes, including 31% streaming content longer than one hour.

That implies – intuitively – that the larger the screen size, the more comfortable the viewer spending time watching longer content. However, PC viewers tend to spend the least amount of time with long-form content, with their 40% share devoted to videos longer than 10 minutes by far the smallest proportion. In fact, PC viewers spent less than 10% of their time with videos more than 1 hour in length.

As with the Q2 results, Ooyala finds that live VOD proves much more engaging than video-on-demand, though the gap was much smaller for mobile phones this quarter than last.

About the Data: Ooyala measures the anonymized viewing habits of nearly 200 million unique viewers in 130 countries every month, processing billions of video analytics events each day.

The report reflects the anonymized online video metrics of Ooyala video publishers, and does not document the online video consumption patterns of the internet as a whole. But the size of the Ooyala video footprint, along with the variety of its customers, means that the report offers a statistically representative view of the overall state of online video.

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