Consumers Say That Targeted Ads Are More Likely to Influence Their Online Buying Behavior

November 26, 2013

Sociomantic-Targeted-Messages-Influence-Buying-Behavior-Nov2013Privacy concerns aside, it stands to reason that consumers who find online messages to be relevant to them would be more likely to be influenced by those messages. And that seems to be one of the takeaways from a recent survey from Sociomantic Labs, which showed that respondents were more likely to indicate that a marketing or advertising channel influenced their buying behavior when they found the messages delivered through that channel to be well targeted to them.

For example, the influence of web ads was twice as high among those who found them well-targeted than those who did not (52% vs. 26%), while the discrepancy was even greater when it came to Facebook (50% vs. 17%). This trend continued in all the channels cited, including online video (22% citing an influence when the ads were targeted compared to 7% when not targeted), mobile ads (22% vs. 5%), Pinterest (47% vs. 11%) and Twitter (31% vs. 3%).

Following the logical path, the study then finds that targeting also can improve the likelihood of conversion. In the case of web ads, 74% of respondents who find them well targeted and relevant said they would be likely to act on a coupon delivered through that channel. That compares with 53% of the general sample who said they’d be likely to act on such a coupon.

There is, of course, the privacy issue – and it’s not a small one. According to recent survey results from TRUSTe, 52% of online users do not like being tracked by advertisers in order to provide more targeted advertising. While many (41%) are neutral on the topic, few (8%) claimed to actively like it.

The Sociomantic Labs survey, though, finds that a “remarkable” 7 in 10 respondents are comfortable receiving ads and content crafted specifically to them. Perhaps it’s the methods by which advertisers arrive at those targeted ads that makes consumers uncomfortable…

About the Data: The data is based on surveys of 1,000 consumers conducted on behalf of Sociomantic by ResearchNow in September 2013.

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