Online Video Ad Views Continue to Scale New Heights

November 18, 2013

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comScore-Oct-Online-Video-Ad-Views-Nov2013The number of video ads Americans are watching on desktops and notebooks continues to increase seemingly with every passing month, with the rate of growth easily outpacing concurrent increases in online content video views. The latest figures from comScore indicate that the number of video ad views grew to 24.5 billion in October, up more than 10% from 22.9 billion the previous month. More impressively, online video ad views have more than doubled from the year-earlier period (10.9 billion), even as the number of online video content views has increased by “only” about a third.

comScore-Reach-Frequency-Online-Video-Ads-Jan-Oct-2013-Nov2013Interestingly, the proportion of Americans seeing video ads hasn’t changed all that much during the course of this year – increasing from 50.5% in January to 56% in October, with only marginal growth over the past few months. What has been changing more rapidly is the per-viewer frequency of ad views: in October, that figure reached 141.2, all the way up from 58.4 in January. In other words, the average American who sees a video ad is now watching more than twice as many as in January.

So who’s responsible for all those ads? Now that is in the fold, AOL tops the leaderboard, serving up just over 4 billion ads last month, ahead of Google, with 3.6 billion of its own. Those 2 properties alone delivered almost one-third of all video ads viewed in October. Not to be outdone, though, 6 other properties managed to deliver more than one billion video ads.

For the second consecutive month, video ads accounted for one-third of all videos viewed and 3.5% of all minutes that were spent watching online videos.

Facebook Remains The Second-Largest Video Property

When it comes to video properties (content videos only, not including ads), it’s still Google (primarily driven by YouTube) and then everyone else. The comScore data indicates that 189 million Americans watched online video content in October; about 165 million watched something from a Google site.

Beyond Google, Facebook kept the second-place ranking it took from AOL from last month. With about 70.1 million unique viewers, it widened its gap with AOL, which attracted about 62.3 million viewers. NDN (50.6 million) and VEVO (49.6 million) rounded out the top 5.

Overall, those 189 million Americans watching video content last month translated to 87.1% of the US internet audience. The total number of videos viewed increased from 46 billion in September to 49.1 billion, while the duration of the average content video (5.1 minutes) and online video ad (24 seconds) remained unchanged.

The average online video viewer spent about an hour longer watching video content this month (22.1 vs. 21 hours).

Other Findings:

  • Among the top 10 video content properties, Google Sites generated the highest engagement, at an average of 507 minutes per viewer during the month, up from 462 the previous month.
  • VEVO retained its top spot in the YouTube partner rankings with about 47.8 million unique viewers, while Fullscreen (31.5 million) overtook Maker Studios (30.5 million) for the second spot.
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