1 in 2 Hispanic Households Recently Accessed OTT Video

October 24, 2013

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Centris-OTT-Video-Viewing-Among-Hispanic-Households-Oct2013Hispanics are watching less traditional TV on a year-over-year basis, per Nielsen data, but they seem to be quite keen on over-the-top (OTT) content. In fact, according to data collected during Q2 by Centris Marketing Science, half of Hispanic households accessed OTT video during the month prior to the survey, compared to 43% of US households on average. YouTube appears to be a popular source: 35% of Hispanic households subscribe to free channels (versus 26% of US households on average), while 12% subscribe to paid channels (versus 4% of US households).

Among paid subscription services, Netflix (35% – now with more subscribers than HBO) is easily the leading source among Hispanic households, far ahead of Amazon Prime (13%), RedBox Instant (11%) and HuluPlus (10%).

Separate data from Centris notes 45% of cell phone-only households have used a free source of OTT video during the past month, compared to 34% of landline households, while 32% have streamed OTT content via a subscription service, compared to 21% of landline households. The disparity might be linked to greater cable penetration in landline households, though it’s probably more a result of age disparities between the two types of households: Centris data suggest that 57% of cell-phone only households are 18-34, compared to just 18% of landline households. (Research shows that youth are more likely to access OTT content than the general population.)

Finally, Centris reveals that the proportion of cell phone-only households continues to grow, and now stands at 36%. The latest data from the National Health Interview Survey [pdf] puts that figure even higher, at 38.2% of American homes during the second half of 2012, up from 34% in the year-earlier period.

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