As Smartphone Penetration Exceeds 60% of the US Mobile Market, Google Remains Top Property

October 7, 2013

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comScore-Smartphone-Share-of-Mobile-Subscriber-Market-Oct2011-Aug2013-Oct2013Smartphone penetration passed 60% of the US mobile subscriber market during the 3-month average ending in August, according to new figures from comScore, which pegged the market share at 60.8%. Compared to the 3-month period ending in May (3 months earlier), Apple’s share of the market grew by 1.5% points to 40.7%, while Android’s share dipped by 0.8% points to 51.6%. That gap of 10.9% points is significantly narrower than the 18.3% difference a year earlier.

While Apple continues to hold the lead among smartphone manufacturers, Samsung is also enjoying some growth. Compared to the period ending in May, comScore’s latest figures show Samsung’s share up 1.3% points to 24.3%, still trailing Apple (40.7%) by a considerable margin.

HTC (-1.3% points to 7.4%), Motorola (-0.9% points to 6.9%) and LG (flat at 6.9%) are further behind.

Google Sites Reach More Than 9 in 10 Mobile Media Users

comScore-Top-10-Smartphone-Properties-in-Aug2013-Oct2013Yahoo might be the top desktop property, but Google still boasts a sizable lead among smartphone users, per the latest data. Google Sites enjoyed 92.2% reach among US smartphone mobile media users aged 18 and up who use iOS and Android platforms during the 3-month period ending in August. Facebook (84.6%) was next, followed closely by Yahoo! Sites (83.2%), with Amazon Sites (68.6%) and AOL (50.7%) rounding out the top 5.

Looking specifically at application audiences, Facebook came out on top at 75.7% reach, followed by a host of Google applications: Google Search (53.9%); Google Play (53.2%); YouTube (52.8%); Google Maps (46.1%); and Gmail (44.3%).

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