Millennials Would Rather Go Without House or Car Keys Than Mobile Phone For 2 Days

October 1, 2013

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Ipsos-Millennials-Mobile-Phone-Addiction-Oct2013Asked which of 4 items – mobile phone, wallet, house key and car key – would be worse to go without for 2 days, a plurality 42% of American Millennials (aged 18-31) chose their mobile phone, according to a recent study from Ipsos, underscoring just how attached youth have become to their devices. Mobile phones were deemed even more indispensable among female (46%) than male (39%) respondents, though there was little difference when sorting by narrower age groups.

Following mobile phones, wallets were deemed the next-most indispensable item, cited by 26%. Of course, with the advent of mobile wallets, perhaps that figure will decline to zero in the future.

It’s worth noting that the Ipsos survey was conducted via mobile, meaning presumably that all respondents are mobile owners, which might skew the results. Even so, the findings are the latest in a series of pieces of research demonstrating Millennial’s strong relationship with their phones. (More data on “smartphone addiction” can be found here, here and here.)

Meanwhile, other sections of the Ipsos study examine Millennials’ attitudes and lifestyles. Some highlights include:

  • A leading 31% choosing a home as the one area they would select to save towards for the next 12 months, ahead of car (24%), vacation (17%), college (16%), wedding (8%) and retirement (3%);
  • 46% anticipating having less children than their parents, and 35% the same number; and
  • A leading 55% believing that more young adults are living at home with their parents because they have low paying jobs (55%), with 53% also attributing this trend to Millennials’ inability to find a job.
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