Half of Tablet Time Spent With Entertainment Activities

September 20, 2013

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Gartner-Tablet-Screen-Time-Distribution-Sept2013Tablet owners spend half of their device time with entertainment activities such as playing games, reading books, watching live TV or listening to music and radio, per results from a recent Gartner survey of 726 tablet owners in the US, UK and Australia. Communication activities – including sending email and accessing social networking sites – account for another 26% of device time, while 9% of screen time is spent finding information, such as checking the news and weather and researching products and services. The remaining 15% of the time is spent with production activities, which include editing videos and writing blogs.

The prevalence of entertainment over production activities (“lean back” more than “lean forward”) supports a recent assertion from the NPD Group that while “entertainment-centric behaviors” might be migrating to smart devices, “computers will remain the fundamental content creation device in consumer’s took box for many years to come.”

Returning to the Gartner survey, the results show that the most popular activities among iPad owners are emailing, checking the weather, using social media sites, playing games. and researching products and services, each performed by a majority of respondents. Roughly 1 in 4 claimed to purchase products or services on their device.

Overall, iPad owners are the most active device users, with more than 8 in 10 counting as heavy users (at least 10 times a day). Overall, respondents indicated that they spend 4 hours a day of their personal time in front of “devices with screens” such as tablets, smartphones and PCs, excluding TV sets, game consoles, e-readers and MP3 players.

A look at which popular tablet activities vary by age group can be found here.

About the Data: The survey was conducted in July 2013.

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