1 in 2 Email Opens Said to Occur on a Mobile Device During Q2

September 5, 2013

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Experian-Mobile-Email-Interactions-in-Q2-Sept2013The figures do vary from one researcher to the next, but the latest email benchmark study [download page] from Experian Marketing Services indicates that fully half of email opens during Q2 occurred only on a mobile device (“mobile-only”). Notably, though, the mobile-only segment represented a smaller share of unique clicks (40%) and a far more insignificant 13% share of transactions, suggesting that while consumers will open emails on their mobile devices, they’re less comfortable using them to click on emails and complete transactions.

The Experian report segments its email data into 5 distinct segments:

  • Mobile-only (subscribers who only opened on a mobile device);
  • Desktop-only (subscribers who opened only on a desktop, typically through a client such as Outlook);
  • Webmail-only (subscribers who opened via a webmail service only, typically through a desktop with any free service, such as Gmail);
  • Mobile-combo (subscribers who opened 2 or more times, at least one of which was on a mobile device); and
  • Other (subscribers who opened 2 or more times, at least one of which was on webmail and at least one of which was on desktop).

The desktop-only and webmail-only segments each represented 23% of unique opens for the period, although the webmail-only segment accounted for an outsized 35% of unique clicks. When it came to transactions, webmail was easily the leader, at 48% share, followed by desktop (25%).

Experian-Email-Engagement-Revenue-by-Segment-inQ2-Sept2013Interestingly, the mobile-combo segment represented a higher share of transactions (12%) than unique clicks (6%) and unique opens (3%). Indeed, subscribers who opened on 2 platforms were the most engaged, with the mobile-combo segment sporting a 31% click-to-open (CTO) rate and the “other” segment not far behind at 26%. Webmail-only subscribers had a 23% CTO rate, with desktop-only subscribers at 13% and mobile-only subscribers at 12%.

Recently, Yesmail Interactive revealed that among its clients during Q2, average email click-to-open rates were twice as high on desktops as on mobiles.

Returning to the Experian study, the mobile-combo segment also generated a higher revenue-per-unique-opener ($1.28) than any other segment, with mobile-only ($0.10) subscribers bringing up the rear.

Other Findings:

  • The iPhone represented 68% of unique mobile opens and 57% of unique mobile clicks, but only 40% of transactions on mobile.
  • The iPad accounted for 15% of unique mobile opens and 15% of unique clicks, while representing an outsized 48% of mobile transactions.

About the Data: The study includes results from 5 million openers in response to 29 campaigns sent from 7 brands in the past twelve months.

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