Top Brands on Tumblr: 1 in 4 Reblogged Posts More Than 60 Days Old

August 26, 2013

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SimplyMeasured-Interbrand-100-Tumblr-Post-Engagement-Longevity-Aug2013Understanding social media posts’ reach and engagement is an important issue for marketers, and one aspect of that effort regards the half-life of a post. Recent data indicates that Facebook posts have an extremely short half-life, while YouTube video views are distributed over a longer period of time. A new study [download page] from SimplyMeasured suggests that when it comes to Tumblr post engagement, brands can enjoy a shelf-life more in keeping with a YouTube video than a Facebook post.

The SimplyMeasured analysis is based on the Interbrand 100’s activity on Tumblr during a monthlong period from July 5th through August 4th. During that period, 31 of the brands maintained a Tumblr account, according to the study, with 21 active.

Of all the reblogs of brand posts made during that time period, almost two-thirds occurred more than a day after the initial post, and almost half more than a week later. Among all reblogs, 24% occurred for posts made more than 2 months earlier.

SimplyMeasured attributes this longevity to “reblogs from influential users who use Tumblr as a discovery platform and are willing to explore content that isn’t as timely as what they would find in their Twitter of Facebook feed.” That speaks to another interesting statistic from the study: 60% of reblogs of brand posts occurred because a user saw the content on a separate blog.

Top brands using Tumblr are more likely to be creating original posts (69% of total brand posts) than reblogging other user posts (the remaining 31% share). That appears to be a sound strategy for engagement, as an outsized 89% of the reblogs tracked were of the brands’ original posts, with only 11% of reblogs being for brands’ own reblogs.

As a result, SimplyMeasured recommends that brands place “more emphasis on creating original shareable content on Tumblr than building their primary audience.”

Other Findings:

  • The number of Interbrand 100 brands with a Tumblr account did not change from May.
  • Of the 31 brands with a Tumblr account as of August 1st, 27 also had Pinterest or Instagram accounts.
  • Among the 21 brands with active accounts, 13 posted on average 3 or more times per week, and 6 averaged at least 10 posts a week. The average number of posts per day was 0.7. By comparison, Interbrand companies on Facebook post on average 1.5 times per day.
  • 95% of brands’ Tumblr posts were photos.
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