Latinas Seen Highly Engaged in Various Mobile Activities

August 8, 2013

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Nielsen-Latinas-Mobile-Activities-Aug2013Latinas are more likely than non-Hispanic white females to engage in a variety of activities on their mobile devices, per data released as part of Nielsen’s “Latina Power Shift” [download page] report. Online Latinas were more than twice as likely as their white counterparts to stream audio (37%; index of 216) and watch video (24%; index of 218) in the 30 days prior to the cited survey, and about twice as likely to have used Twitter (20%; index of 199).

The most common mobile activity among Latinas was texting (81%), followed by accessing the internet (64%; index of 136). Many also sent emails (57%; index of 136), accessed social networks (56%; index of 142) and used applications (44%; index of 133). They were also more likely than the average online non-Hispanic white female to be found banking from their mobile phone (38%; index of 176) and scanning barcodes (17%; index of 135).

Nielsen’s Latina report contains a variety of aggregated statistics; data regarding mobile use is sourced from Nielsen’s Q4 2012 Mobile Insight Study. A separate study from this year cited in Nielsen’s report indicates that many Latinas turn to information sourced online to make buying decisions. For example:

  • 81% have purchased a product online based on online info;
  • 77% rely on online lifestyle info to help them make day-to-day decisions;
  • 69% have purchased a product in-store based on information found online; and
  • 62% follow brands online.
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