Moms Enjoy Playing Games on Their Mobile Devices

July 5, 2013

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Flurry-Distribution-Mothers-Time-With-Mobile-Apps-in-May-July2013New data from Flurry Analytics examining the application use of almost 25,000 American-owned smartphones and tablets in May 2013 reveals that gaming is the most time-consuming app category among mothers. Games accounted for a leading 48% of time spent in apps on the iPad, 31% of time in apps on the iPhone, and 53% of time spent in apps on Android devices. Social networking apps were the next-most time-consuming category on iPhone (19%) and Android (53%), while newsstand (24%) was second on the iPad.

Interestingly, lifestyle apps counted for 12% of iPhone owners’ time spent in apps, but just a fractional portion on the iPad.

The Flurry study also looks at the app categories that tend to command more attention from mothers than the general American smart device owner. Across iPhone, iPad and Android, mothers over-index in their consumption of education apps, also over-indexing for health and fitness apps on the iPhone and Android devices.

Other Findings:

  • Among mothers, tablets represented 35% of connected mobile devices, compared to 25% for the overall sample.
  • The overall sample analyzed (installed base only) was skewed towards Apple devices: 60% were iOS. Among mothers, the skew was even greater: 77% of the American mothers owned an iOS device.
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