Facebook Fans Like Big Brands Out of Loyalty and For Deals

June 28, 2013

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Syncapse-Reasons-Becoming-Brand-Fan-Facebook-June2013Americans who like big brands on Facebook tend to do so primarily to support those brands (49%) and get a coupon or discount (42%), with many also doing so to receive regular updates from the brands (41%), according to survey results from Syncapse. Previous studies surrounding Facebook likes have indicated that discounts trump loyalty as a motivator (see here and here), suggesting that it’s more appropriate to group the top factors together than to declare one the outright winner.

Other reasons for becoming a brand fan on Facebook include:

  • to participate in contests (31%);
  • seeing that friends are already a fan or have liked the page (20%);
  • being led to the like by a brand’s ad (18%); and
  • a recommendation to like the brand (15%).

The Syncapse study notes that reasons for liking vary among the 20 brands studied. For example, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart and Target fans were each more likely to say they were motivated by a desire to receive updates than loyalty. And for Zara fans, sharing interests and lifestyle with others emerged as the leading reason.

Of note, 78% of the fans surveyed are current brand users, although that figure also varied widely among brands.

About the Data: The survey research for the Syncapse study was conducted by Hotspex and consisted of a 25-minute survey using its online panel. After screening a large panel of U.S. consumers, data was collected from 2,080 panelists in Q1 2013. Respondents self-identified as fans by indicating which brands they have liked on Facebook.

The brands included in the study were: BMW; BlackBerry; Xbox; Disney; Zara; Levi’s; H&M; Victoria’s Secret; Adidas Originals; Nike; Monster Energy Drink; Coca-Cola; Dr. Pepper; Oreo; Skittles; Starbucks; McDonald’s; Subway; Walmart; and Target.

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