Many Marketers Say They’re Planning to Use Video in Email

June 28, 2013

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StreamSendRelevancyGroup-Planned-Video-Use-in-Email-Marketing-June2013Only 1 in 4 marketers say they currently use video in their email marketing messages, according to [pdf] results from a survey by The Relevancy Group and StreamSend, with the main barriers to video use being the lack of content, increased production costs, and other priorities that take precedence. Even so, about 8 in 10 respondents say they plan to use video in their future email marketing campaigns.

While 22% of those not currently using video say they don’t think it will improve the performance of their campaigns, separate results from the study indicate that they could be proven wrong. Among those using video, 55% cited increased click-through rates as a benefit, with other benefits including the increased duration of time that subscribers read the email (44%) and increased sharing and forwarding of the email message (41%). (It should be noted that the sample size for those using video in email was fairly small, at 66.)

The researchers compared monthly revenue and deliverability of those respondents using and not using video, finding that those using video had monthly revenues 40% higher. That figure should not be misinterpreted as causal, though. It could be that those using video simply are more advanced and sophisticated marketers, and it’s probably a stretch to attribute all the difference to use of video.

About the Data: The data is based on a survey fielded in February 2013 among 266 respondents.

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