Tweets Containing Vine Uploads Seeing “Surprising” Engagement Rates

June 18, 2013

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Socialbakers-YouTube-v-Vine-Engagement-Rate-on-Twitter-June2013Marketers on Twitter are warming to Vine, and it appears that consumers are too. TechCrunch recently pointed out that Vine climbed past Instagram on the Google Play charts to take the mantle as the top social application, and has also noted that Vine shares on Twitter have surpassed Instagram shares. Now, new data from Socialbakers indicates that tweets containing Vine uploads have a 0.031% engagement rate, not far behind tweeted YouTube videos’ rate of 0.048%. Socialbakers calls the results “surprising” and even “amazing” considering that Vine is so new – it was only just introduced to Android, having previously only been available to iPhone and iPad users. (The Socialbakers data is based only on iPhone and iPad engagement.) Now, Facebook is reportedly exploring video for Instagram.

In research released last month, Unruly Media shared some other findings about Vine (some of which may by now be obsolete given Vine’s growth trajectory, but interesting nonetheless). Based on data from more than 10 million Vines collected during a 1-month period, Unruly Media found that:

  • 5 tweets per second contained a Vine link;
  • Weekends were the most popular time to share Vines, by a sizable margin;
  • Most Vine activity occurred between 10-11AM EDT; and
  • Branded content accounted for 4% of the top 100 Vines tracked, compared to only 1% of content in the Unruly Viral Video Chart Top 100 Most Shared Videos that was branded.

About the Data: The Socialbakers data is based on an analysis of more than 30,000 tweets containing YouTube and Vine links posted over a 1-month period by selected brand profiles. The time period was May 5-June 5, 2013.

Socialbakers’ formula for Twitter engagement rate is based on replies, retweets, and favorites. The formula is listed below:

Twitter Average Tweet ER = ((Replies + Retweets + Favorites on a given day / # of tweets made by profile on a given day) / Total Followers on a given day) x 100

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