54% of Online Ads Aren’t Viewed

June 13, 2013

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comScore-Online-Ad-Viewability-June2013Pulling data from thousands of campaigns and almost 300 billion impressions across a mix of advertisers and publishers, comScore says that 54% of ads are not in-view, according to a presentation given by VP of Marketing and Insights, Andrew Lipsman, at the Advertising Research Foundation conference (first reported by AdAge here). That’s significantly worse than figures released by comScore last year, which estimated 31% of impressions to be not in-view. The latest figures are more representative of reality, whereas the earlier ones are more of a “best-case scenario,” according to Lipsman. That’s because the latest figures are the result of a stronger empirical analysis of a mix of campaigns run by comScore, whereas last year’s charter study involved more optimal conditions as it was based on blue-chip advertisers running ads primarily on premium sites.

In fact, the in-view rate is a poor 13% when ads run on blind domains, according to the presentation. So, to recap, big brands running ads on premium sites can expect maybe 2 in 3 ads to be in-view (50% of pixels in-view for at least one second), while for the average brand on a typical site, it’s more like 2 in 5.

Recent data from AdSafe shows that in-view rates can significant vary when sorting by ad type. Viewability for directly placed ads also tend to be better than for networks, exchanges, and hybrids.

Shifting gears, the comScore presentation also demonstrated the continuing influence of smart mobile devices in digital media consumption. In fact, the data shows that in April, smartphones (38%) and tablets (11%) together rivaled desktops (51%) in terms of share of digital media time spent in the US.

Additionally, the top 10 digital media properties (by audience in April 2013) gained significant reach when counting mobile audiences. For example, of Google Sites’ 224 million-strong total audience, roughly half were “desktop + mobile” (89.2 million) or “mobile-only” (24.3 million). Almost 20% of Facebook’s audience was “mobile only” (36.1 million) in April 2013.

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