IAB Says Mobile Rising Star Units Outperform Standard Banner Ads

June 11, 2013

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IABVibrantMediacomScore-Mobile-Rising-Stars-v-Banners-June2013A study [pdf] commissioned by the IAB and Vibrant Media and conducted by comScore has concluded that not only do Mobile Rising Stars ads generate more user interaction than standard mobile banner ads, they inspire higher brand and message recall among those who interact with them. The 6 Mobile Rising Stars ad units studied enjoyed a 9.3% interaction rate (slide, swipe, tap), almost double the the rate for the standard mobile banner ad (5.2%) analyzed. Brand recall was an almost perfect 98.1% among those who interacted with the Mobile Rising Stars ads, compared to 83% for those who viewed the standard banner ad.

Mobile Rising Stars ads also inspired 23% higher message recall, at 81% for users who interacted with them, versus 66% for those who viewed a standard banner ad.

Study participants tended to have a higher opinion of the Rising Stars units than the standard ad. 60% of those who interacted with a Rising Stars ad agreed that it was attention grabbing, compared to 42% of those who viewed a standard ad. A similar discrepancy emerged when it came to opinions of whether the ad was enjoyable or fun (56.6% and 41%, respectively).

Shifting gears, the study also found higher brand and message recall on tablets than smartphones. Examining participants’ brand recall across all the mobile ads studied, the researchers reveal that tablet users were 8% more likely to recall the brand than smartphone users (87.1% vs. 80.3%) and 9% more likely to recall the message (70.1% vs. 64.1%).

About the Data: The data is gleaned from a study of 1,551 adults aged 18-54, representing the US population, who took a survey on their tablet or smartphone (iOS platform). The study was fielded from March 28-April 15, 2013. All data reported is statistically significant at the 90% confidence level.

After viewing a mock webpage that included one of the mobile test cells, participants completed a short “brand lift” survey on their mobile device. Ad effectiveness and attitudinal metrics were collected from the online survey. Additionally, comScore implemented pixels on the test ads to passively collect interaction rates and times.

Each participant was exposed to only 1 mobile ad appearing in the same mock content environment and then answered a brief survey. Each Mobile Rising Stars Ad and the Standard Mobile Ad was designed using the same ad creative, varying only by type of ad unit. Interaction metrics were compared and Brand lift results were integrated with interaction metrics to evaluate how interaction impacts branding. Approximately 200 participants were surveyed for each ad studied.

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