Mom’s Mobile Use Goes Up on the Weekend

June 6, 2013

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Jumptap-Moms-Mobile-Usage-by-Day-of-the-Week-June2013While mobile consumption varies little throughout the week for the average consumer, that isn’t the case for mobile mothers, details Jumptap in its latest MobileSTAT report [download page]. The Jumptap data shows that almost 40% of mothers’ weekly time spent with their mobiles is on Saturday (18.5%) and Sunday (19.3%). That spike in activity comes after a relative dip on Thursday (12.4% share) and Friday (10.5%) share, which the researchers attribute to a significant decrease in use of social and texting applications on those days.

Segmenting mothers into two groups, the report indicates that smartphone use is heavier among working mothers than stay-at-home mothers. But, the latter are 20% more likely to be on a tablet.

In terms of mobile device preferences, mothers are 47% less likely than the average consumer to own an iPhone, but 114% more likely to own an iPod. They also over-index in adoption of the Galaxy S (+52%), Galaxy Exhibit (+244%) and LG Optimus (+216%). In terms of mobile traffic from mothers, the iPod tops the list, with the iPhone second.

When it comes to tablets, mothers are 8% less likely than the average consumer to own an iPad and 59% less likely to own a Kindle. But, they overindex in ownership of the Galaxy Tab (+49%), Nexus 7 (+116%), and Zeepad 7 (+4000%). The iPad is the top tablet device in terms of traffic from mothers, with the Galaxy Tab next.

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