iPhone Users Spend 53% More Time With Their Devices Every Day Than Android Users

May 29, 2013

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Experian-Smartphone-Activity-Share-by-OS-May2013Americans spend about an hour each day on their smartphones (58 minutes to be exact), per data released by Experian Marketing Services’ Simmons Connect. But peel beyond that top layer of data and some interesting gaps emerge. Namely, the way in which iPhone and Android smartphone users interact with their devices is quite different, and that begins with the amount of time they spend with them. On average, iPhone users spend 1 hour and 15 minutes per day with their devices, a full 26 minutes (53%) more than the average Android user (49 minutes).

Breaking down the top activities by share of time spent, the data shows that Android users spend more of their time talking (28% vs. 22%) and visiting websites (16% vs. 12%), but less time texting (16% vs. 22%) and emailing (8% vs. 10%). The two groups spend proportionately the same time gaming (8%) and social networking (16%).

Overall, talking (26%) and texting (20%) combined account for almost half of Americans’ daily time spent on their smartphones, with social networking (16%) and visiting websites (14%) also eating up significant chunks of time.

The researchers note that their methodology involved “calculating individual activity contribution using a base of all smartphone owners, including those who don’t spend any time engaging in a given activity during a typical day.” That means that activities such as video viewing average out as only a small portion of daily smartphone time (less than 1%) because of a smaller base of users, but not necessarily due to those users’ time commitment (although that averages out at only about 5 minutes per day).

In fact, just 2.3% of smartphone owners watch video on their devices on a typical day, according to the data, far behind more popular activities such as talking (79%), texting (76%), visiting websites (62%), emailing (62%), and social networking (52%).

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