Top Brands Paying More Attention to Instagram

May 13, 2013

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SimplyMeasured-Interbrand100-Instagram-Adoption-May2013The number of Interbrand 100 brands with an Instagram account has grown to 67 as of May 1st, per a new study by Simply Measured, up from 59 on February 1st. While that’s not quite at the same adoption level as Pinterest (76) or Google+ (77), those brands using Instagram boast significantly larger audiences than those using Pinterest, per the report. Much of that has to do with levels of activity: while some top brands have “placeholder” accounts on Pinterest, the percentage of top brands’ Instagram accounts that have posted photos has grown by 10 points to 65.

The data does show that the percentage of top brands’ Instagram accounts that average at least one photo per week slipped by a point, from 41% to 40% between February 1st and May 1st, there has been an increase in the percentage of accounts that are heavily engaged with the network. As of May 1, 37% of top brands’ Instagram accounts posted more than 20 photos per month, and 23% posted 50 ore more photos a month, per the study.

Brands are reaping the rewards of those efforts in the form of increased audiences. As of May 1st, 34% of the accounts had more than 10,000 followers, up from 26% in the prior period, while 16% had more than 100,000 followers, up from 10%.

Separately, the study reveals that overall engagement per photo is up 16% quarter-over-quarter. 98% of brand photos posted to Instagram are shared on Facebook, generating an average of 337 likes, comments, and shares per photo. Conversely, engagement on Twitter is declining: 59% of photos are shared to Twitter, with just 22 tweets per photo, a 29% decrease from the previous quarter.

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