Social, SEO Highly Rated for Lead Gen, Conversions

April 25, 2013

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HubSpot-Lead-Gen-Conversions-by-Channel-Apr2013HubSpot has released its “2013 State of Inbound Marketing report” [download page], with a host of statistics covering adoption and use of inbound marketing tools. Among the insights from the survey, 27% of marketers report below-average costs per lead (CPLs) for both email marketing and social media, with SEO and blogs close behind (25% and 24%, respectively). When looking at lead conversion rates by channel, 15% of respondents say SEO delivers above-average sales conversions, with social (13%) next on the list.

Turning to social media channels, the study reveals that 52% of respondents acquired a customer via Facebook last year, with LinkedIn and company blogs following, each at 43%. More than one-third acquired a customer through Twitter, although fewer marketers had success with Google+ (15%) and Pinterest (9%), although that is likely related to lower adoption of those sources.

Given its ability to generate and convert leads, it’s not surprising that a leading 21% of respondents said that social media had become a more important lead source to them over the past 6 months. SEO and email were next, while 17% said that traditional marketing has become less important.

Marketers reported spending 23% of their budgets on blogging and social media, which appears to be a fairly high figure. Investment in blogging seems to pay off, though: 82% of those who blog daily report positive ROI for their inbound efforts, compared to 57% who blog on a monthly basis. That tallies with results from last year’s study, which found increased customer acquisition success among those blogging with greater frequency.

Overall, the report finds that marketers were twice as likely to say that inbound delivers below-average CPLs versus outbound strategies, and that 34% of the leads marketers generate come from inbound sources, compared to 22% for outbound sources.

About the Data: The HubSpot report includes insight from more than 3,300 executives, marketers and business owners from every continent. Only 9% are HubSpot customers.

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