Tablets Users Seen Heavy Consumers of Gaming Apps

April 2, 2013

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Flurry-Smart-Device-Models-by-Form-Category-Apr2013An analysis of the top 200 smart device models in Flurry’s system, which represents more than 80% of all usage, reveals that while small (5%) and full-size (13%) tablets accounted for less than 20% of active smart device users around the world, they represented 29% of time spent playing gaming applications on such devices in February 2013. Surprisingly, though, Flurry’s study finds that share of time spent in book and video apps is far smaller on these tablets (10% and 8% share, respectively), actually under-indexing their share of smart device users.

Instead, consumption of book and video apps seems to be dominated by medium-sized phones (3.5″ – 4.9″). These phones, which account for 72% of active users and 76% of sessions, represent an outsized 83% of time spent with books and 85% of time spent with video.

The researchers suggest that one reason smartphones over-index in video app use is that consumers use them to watch videos on-the-go, while choosing TVs or computers over tablets when at home. Still, Flurry expects tablets to grow their share of time spent with video and book apps over time.

Other Findings:

  • While representing 16% of device models in the market and 7% of active users, small smartphones (<3.5″) accounted for only 4% of sessions.
  • Phablets (5″-6.9″) account for just 2% of device models, 3% of active users, and 3% of sessions, leading Flurry to pronounce them just a “fad.”
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