Most Americans OK With Ad-Supported Internet Content

November 30, 2012

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At 27%, just over one-quarter of 18-64-year-old online Americans would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to watch completely advertising and commercial-free online content, according to [download page] Ipsos online survey results released November 2012. Compared to the global figure of 33%, that makes Americans more accepting of ad-supported internet content.

American men are far more willing to pay for ad-free online content than are women (32% vs. 22%). And, younger Americans would be more willing to pay a premium to remove online ads than older Americans. Specifically, 36% of internet users under 35 report being willing to hypothetically pay such a premium, a percentage that dips to 24% for the 35-49 bracket, and just 19% for those aged 50-64. Likely, generations raised with ad-supported television are accustomed to no-cost media with commercials.

The US’s middle-class is least willing to pay for ad-free internet content (21%), when compared to low-income households (28%) and upper-income households (29%). That willingness rises with education level, with 23% of those at high-school or lower education agreeing that they would pay a premium, compared to 28% at the bachelor’s level and 32% of those with an advanced education.

Chief income earners are far more willing to pay an ad-free premium, at 34%, versus 21% of those who are not the family breadwinners. Similarly, 44% of business owners are willing to pay a premium, versus 24% of those who do not own a business; and 44% of senior decision makers would pay versus 24% of those who are not. Finally, 31% of employed Americans are willing to pay a premium versus 21% for those unemployed.

Latin Americans Most Willing, Europeans The Least

Consumers in the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are the most willing to pay an ad-free premium, at 50% of respondents. But in terms of geographic regions, Latin Americans are the most willing, at 44%, with Mexico first at 49%. The least willing region: Europe, at just 22%, with Germany’s consumers (13%) the least willing in the world.

About The Data: The Ipsos data is based on 12,000 online interviews conducted in September 2012 across 24 countries, with adults aged 18-64. The US data is based on a sample size of 500.

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