Digital Video Ad Loads Buck Seasonal Trends

May 11, 2012

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freewheel-video-ad-loads-q12011-q12012-may2012.jpgDigital video ad loads were as high in Q1 2012 as in Q4 2011, bucking a trend for lighter spending in Q1 across advertising media, says FreeWheel [download page] in a May 2012 report. The average ratio of video ad views to video views (across all content lengths) in Q1 was 0.75 (8.7B vs. 11.6B, respectively), compared to slightly less than 0.74 in Q4 (9B vs. 12.2B). By contrast, in Q1 2011, the ratio was 0.55, down from more than 0.7 the previous quarter. The 8.7B video ad views in Q1 2012 represented more than 58% year-over-year growth, while the 11.7B video views marked a more modest 17% year-over-year growth.

Mid-Roll Growth Rates Strong

Mid-roll video ad volume continues to rise at a significant rate, the report finds, outpacing pre-roll growth rates (115% year-over-year vs. 45% year-over-year). Mid-rolls accounted for 23% of all video ad views in Q1, a 21% increase from 19% in Q4 2011.

Video ad completion rates for mid-rolls are consistent, too. Despite a small dip in Q1, they remained above 80%, where they have been for 9 consecutive quarters. Completion rates for mid-rolls also continue to far outpace those for pre-roll and post-roll ads. This finding is supported by recent results from an Adobe report, which revealed that mid-rolls performed best in H2 2011, among rising completion rates. Overall, mid-roll ads had an 87% completion rate in H2 2011, up from 75% in H1, compared to 67% for pre-roll ads (up from 61%), and 50% for post-roll ads (up from 46%).

XBox Gets Largest Share of Non-PC Viewing

Data from FreeWheel’s “Video Monetization Report, Q1 2012” indicates that non-PC/Mac viewing held more than 4% share of all professional digital video views in Q1, a dramatic rise from just 1% a year earlier. Xbox holds the largest share of all non-PC/Mac video viewing, at 28.2%, just ahead of the iPad (27.1%). The iPhone (19.4%), Android (15.2%), and iPod/iPod Touch (10.1%) account for the remaining share.

Insight from the report indicates that Xbox and iPad still have some room for growth when it comes to rivaling PC/Mac for monetization, though. Examining average video ad views per video view, PC/Mac easily generates the highest monetization rates, at close to one video ad per video view across all content lengths. By contrast, Xbox and iPad trail, at 0.31 and 0.4 video ads per video view, respectively.

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