Majority of UK Consumers Say They’d Ditch A Company Due To A Poor Customer Experience

May 15, 2013

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NewVoiceMedia-UK-Customer-Service-and-Loyalty-May201356% of UK consumers say they would never use a company again if faced with a negative customer service experience, according to survey results from NewVoiceMedia. Beyond taking their business elsewhere, 29% would tell their friends and peers about their bad experience, while 19% would post a review online and 14% would complain on social media. Much as they’d punish companies for a bad service experience, though, these consumers would reward them for a positive one. 74% of respondents said a positive customer experience would lead them to be more loyal, and 71% would recommend the company to others. What’s more, 44% would use the company more frequently, and 34% would spend more with them.

Traditional means of customer service continue to be preferred by respondents to the survey. Two-thirds of consumers prefer to hop on the phone to resolve an issue, and an additional 23% would email the company. Still, younger generations appear to be more likely to contact businesses through newer channels, such as social media. Indeed, a study last year found that half of UK youth have done so. Those seeking a quick resolution to their problems may find social care wanting, though, according to statistics from Socialbakers.

Interestingly, younger respondents to the NewVoiceMedia survey appear to be more patient on the phone than their older counterparts. Just 8% said they would hang up within 5 minutes of being on hold, compared to 22% of those aged 55 and older. And while a hefty 30% of the younger group would stay on hold for 11-20 minutes, only 9% of their older counterparts would do so.

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