2 in 3 US Millennials Want to Share Their Customer Experiences With Brands

December 6, 2012

67% of American Millennials believe it’s their responsibility to share feedback with companies after a good or bad brand experience, finds Edelmand Berland and Edelman 8095 in a new study released in December. The survey, of 4,000 Millennials (aged 18-33) across 11 markets, finds that these consumers want to engage with brands, and see themselves as exerting a high degree of influence on others’ purchase decisions.

Across the 11 countries studied, Millennials in India and China (each at 90%) showed the highest likelihood of wanting to share feedback with brands on their experiences, while those in Canada (57%) and Germany (59%) fell furthest below the average. At 67%, American Millennials were slightly below-average (72%) in this inclination.

The study demonstrates the importance of brands paying attention to this feedback, as Millennials view themselves as highly likely to influence others’ opinions, and very reliant on feedback themselves from various sources. For example, 3 in 4 respondents believe they influence the purchase decisions of peers and those in other generations, according to the survey, while more than 6 in 10 typically shop with friends, family, or their significant other.

Millennials Consult Various Sources to Make Brand Decisions

Details from Edelmand Berland’s “8095 2.0 Survey” reveal that Millennials are increasingly turning to outside sources of information to make their purchase decisions. That type of reliance on outside information lends added importance to a brand’s reputation, one that can be shaped and improved by listening to Millennials’ feedback regarding their experiences.

The survey found that 94% of Millennials use at least one outside source to make a brand purchase decision, up from 86% in the previous survey conducted in 2010. The most popular source, used by close to half of the respondents, is a search engine, although face-to-face engagement with friends and family are close behind. Product review websites are also used by about 4 in 10.

About the Data: The research was conducted in October 2012. The markets included in the study were: India; China; Brazil; UAE; Turkey; US; UK; Australia; France; Germany; and Canada.

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