A Range of Rewards Will Incentivize Brand Engagement From Moms

May 13, 2013

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PunchTab-Moms-Engagement-Motivators-May201381% of mothers will engage more with a brand if they are offered a reward, details PunchTab in new survey results, with mothers likely to respond to a variety of reward options in several different ways. Financial rewards are highly likely to spur a response, with 83% of respondents saying they would be motivated to engage with a brand if it offered free products and services, and 82% saying the same about receiving gift cards. But non-financial rewards work for many, too: two-thirds would be happy to receive perks associated with “elite” status.

Some of the types of exclusive access mothers would like to receive as a reward include the opportunity to purchase new products before they’re available to the general public (39%), the opportunity to influence the company’s future products or designs (38%), and merchandise with a brand’s logo on it (37%).

Still, financial rewards are even more popular: 60% would be interested in a discount of coupon to use on a future purchase of a brand product, and 52% would be interested in such a deal to use on a future purchase of product from the brand’s family of products.

Mothers appear willing to engage in a variety of ways in order to receive these incentives. Most commonly, they would participate in surveys and polls (72%), while many would sign up for regular email updates (59%) and share personal details and purchase behavior (41%).

Mothers will also go social for their rewards: 57% of the respondents on Facebook would like a brand’s page, and 92% of those would also be more willing to share brand content. Similar figures apply to willingness to follow brands and share their content on Pinterest and Twitter.

Getting mothers into loyalty programs could pay off beyond just single brands: 73% would prefer a loyalty program at parent company level versus the brand level. Additionally, if they could earn points in a loyalty program, 59% would buy other products from the parent company, and 46% would switch from a competitor’s product.

About the Data: The Digitally Engaged Moms study was conducted by PunchTab online, between April 18, 2013, and April 22, 2013, and sent to a random sample of moms between the ages of 18-44. There were 647 total responses from moms across the United States. 54% percent of respondents were moms who also work full-time outside of the home, with another 18% also working part-time outside of the home. The household income of 57% of respondents was greater than $50,000, with 21% between $25,000 and $50,000 and 22% less than $25,000.

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