Comparing Hispanic Heavy Media Users Across Traditional Media & the Internet

October 4, 2016

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nielsen-hispanic-heavy-media-user-comparison-oct2016Radio has the broadest reach (97%) of any platform among Hispanic adults, reports Nielsen in a recent study [download page], followed by TV (90%) and smartphones (87%). Heavy radio listeners tend to skew slightly male and are younger and more likely to work than heavy TV viewers, per the report’s analysis.

The study compared heavy users of radio, TV, the internet and print newspapers. Heavy users are defined as the top 2 quintiles (the top 40%) based on time spent.

In terms of age, heavy TV viewers are the oldest on average (45), followed by heavy print newspaper readers (42), heavy radio listeners (40) and heavy internet users (35).

There are some fairly considerable differences in the gender composition of Hispanic heavy media users. While heavy TV (56%) and print newspaper (52%) readers skew female, heavy radio users instead skew male (52%), while there’s an even split for heavy internet users.

[MarketingCharts’ Media Audience Demographics report provides the age, household income and race/ethnic audience breakdown for 15 media platforms!]

Heavy Hispanic TV viewers tend to be the most different from the rest of the pack. Not only are they the oldest, with the most female skew, but they also are far less likely to work full- or part-time (56% do), and have considerably lower household incomes (averaging $54,600) than other heavy media users. They’re also the least likely to use social media, with fewer than two-thirds doing so.

Heavy internet users, by contrast, are the most likely to be working full- or part-time (73%), have the highest average annual household incomes ($66,600), and are the most likely to be using social media (89%).

Returning to radio listening, the report indicates that Hispanics aged 12 and older (not just heavy listeners):

  • Spend 12 hours and 50 minutes on average with radio each week;
  • Listen most during the 10AM-3PM daypart;
  • Count Mexican Regional as their top format; and
  • Listen out of home (70%) much more often than in the home (30%).

About the Data: The heavy media users data is based on Nielsen Scarborough USA+ Release 2, 2015, while the rest of the data is based on RADAR 130 data for September 2016, Nielsen Audio National Regional Database for Fall 2015, and the Nielsen Comparable Metrics Report for Q1 2016.

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