Half of Internet Users Use Search Engines on Typical Day

August 8, 2008

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A new high of nearly half (49%) of all internet users use search engines on a typical day, up from about one-third in 2002 – and closing in on the use level of email (60% of those online use email each day) – according to a new analysis from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

With a growth of 69% in usage from January 2002 to May 2008, search has surged ahead of other online activities, such as checking the news (39% of internet users, on a typical day) or the weather (30%), Pew found (pdf):


In comparison, email use during the same period (2002-2008) has grown 15%, from 52% of internet users on a typical day to 60%.

Other findings issued by Pew, below.

Those who use search engines are more likely to be male (53% of men use search on a typical day, vs. 45% of women), to have broadband at home (58% of those with broadband at home use search on a typical day, vs. 26% of those with dialup), and to be veteran internet users (for six or more years).

They?are also more likely to be younger, socially upscale, with at least some college education, and annual incomes over $50,000 per year:

  • Those with higher levels of education who are online are more likely to use search:
    • College graduate: 66% use search on a typical day.
    • Some college: 49%
    • High school or less: 32%
  • Higher-income households online are more likely to use search on a typical day:
    • $75,000: 62%
    • $50,000-74,999: 56%
    • $30,000 -49,999: 34%
    • Less than $30,000: 36%
  • Younger internet users are more likely to use search on a typical day:
    • Age 18-29: 55%
    • Age 30-49: 54%
    • Age 50-64: 40%
    • Age 65+: 27%
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