Profiles, Usage Patterns of US Internet Visitors Analyzed

April 16, 2008

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US at-home and at-work internet users – numbering some 221 million -?logged an average of 60 sessions/visits each?(up 3.5% from February) and spent an average of 19 hours and 42 minutes online at their PCs (up 3.2%), according to data (pdf) from Nielsen Online.

Nielsen’s March data on US internet usage among all users:


  • The number of web pages visited per person increased 2.8%,?from 2,370 in February to 2,437 in March.
  • An average of 105 domains were visited per person in March, a slight increase (1%) from the previous month.
  • Internet users spent an average of 52 seconds on each web page viewed, one second less than in March.

Nielsen also issued a?demographic breakdown of internet usage by the 164.6 million at-home and at-work internet users who were “actively online in March”:


Actively online men…

  • Spent a total of about 70 hours and 47 minutes at their PCs, on average.
  • Logged 62 sessions/visits, on average.
  • Constituted 48.7% of actively online visitors, viewing 2,622 web pages on average.

Actively online women…

  • Spent less PC time than male counterparts (64 hours, 47 minutes, on average).
  • Constituted the majority (51.3%) of active visitors, but viewed fewer pages on average (2,264).
  • Logged 58 sessions/visits, on average.

Those in the 35-49 age group made up 26.3% of all actively online internet users, spending an average of 92 hours and 44 minutes at their PCs, about 7 minutes more than the second-largest age group (those 55+), who accounted for 22.7% of all actively online internet users.

Editor’s Note: Based on reader feedback, the current version of this article has been revised from to make clear the distinction between all internet users and actively online internet users.

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