Travel Industry’s Marketing Efforts Pay Off More With Women, Parents

May 1, 2013

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SpringHill-Travel-Marketing-Advertising-Influence-May2013Roughly 8 in 10 Americans pay attention to travel marketing and advertising, according to results from a survey commissioned by SpringHill Suites, a Marriott International brand. Marketers’ efforts seem to have their desired effect, too: 28% of respondents said that the industry’s marketing and advertising helps incentivize them to go on vacation. Women were 44% more likely than men to feel that way (33% vs. 23%), and the gap between parents and non-parents was even greater, at 54% (37% and 24%, respectively).

Older Americans are less likely to be influenced by marketing and advertising efforts, though. Only 14% of those respondents aged 65 and older said such efforts had incentivized them to go on vacation, compared to 31% of those aged 18-64. That may be due to their feeling less of a connection with brands’ marketing efforts: only 17% of the older set said the marketing or advertising relates to the type of travel they like, versus 28% of their younger counterparts.

In other results from the study, 44% of respondents who use social media agree that seeing vacation pictures or posts on such sites would make them want to go to that destination, and 35% have learned about new vacation spots from seeing posts from their friends on these sites.

Other Findings:

  • 85% of Americans would be willing to give something up during their vacation for 25% off their hotel stay.
  • Only about one-quarter of those respondents, though, would be willing to give up their mobile device, a finding that tracks with recent survey findings from Prosper Mobile Insights showing that 8 in 10 smartphone and tablet owners use their devices “all the time” while on vacation.

About the Data: The online survey of 1,048 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over was conducted by Kelton.

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