Hispanics More Likely to be Influenced by Family, Online Ads

March 16, 2015

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SpecificMedia-Hispanics-Purchase-Influencers-Mar2015Source: Specific Media [pdf]

    Notes: Hispanics are more receptive to online advertising than non-Hispanics, but also rely more on their family when making purchase decisions, details a recent Specific Media study produced with SMG Multicultural and conducted by Millward Brown Digital. Hispanic survey respondents were more likely than non-Hispanics to report being persuaded to make purchases after viewing several types of digital ads, and were significantly more likely to view smartphone ads as useful, relevant, influential and informative. Separately, the study found Hispanics to be heavy TV multi-taskers, noting also that they’re more likely to engage with brands online if a TV ad directs them to the brand’s online presence.

    Finally, Hispanics reported being influenced by family when making purchase decisions to a greater degree than non-Hispanics, with the different particularly acute when it came to the reported influence of children (50% of Hispanics vs. 28% of non-Hispanics).

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        About the Data: The survey was fielded a survey to Millward Brown Digital’s panel, recording results from 1,027 respondents in late May and early June of 2014. Survey respondents were invited to take the survey in either Spanish or English, and were also asked their preferred ethnic self-identity. Based on those answers, 248 were Spanish-preferred Hispanics; 263 were English-preferred Hispanics, and 516 were Non-Hispanics.

        All differences highlighted in the results are statistically significant to a confidence level of at least 90% unless otherwise noted.

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