Most Influential Advertising Media Among Young Hispanic Online Shoppers

December 3, 2014

AdroitDigital-Influential-Ad-Media-Hispanic-Shoppers-Dec2014Source: Adroit Digital [download page]

    Notes: TV, online display, and social are the advertising media most likely to influence Hispanics who shop online, according to an Adroit Digital survey of 607 Hispanics, almost 8 in 10 of whom are aged 18-34. Beyond those top 3 channels, mobile and online video have a significant stated influence on Hispanics, according to the respondents, while radio and billboards lag.

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        About the Data: The survey was fielded from June 9-July 29, 2014. The survey targeted a random sample of US Hispanic consumers who self-identified as 18 or older and who shop online. The study garnered 607 completes.

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