US Hispanics Spend As Much Time Listening to Digital Audio as They Do Watching Digital Video

February 7, 2020

HCode Hispanic Online Audio Video Time Feb2020A full 85% of Hispanics in the US listen to audio content online, with the majority (90%) using digital audio platforms or services to stream radio or music. And, with a recent report [download page] from H Code revealing that more than 4 in 10 US Hispanics spend more than 5 hours per week listening to music online, it’s an opportunity that advertisers shouldn’t ignore.

According the survey of more than 1,000 Hispanic consumers in the US, both English and Spanish-speaking, digital audio is on par with digital video in terms of Hispanics’ consumption. Indeed, an equal share (42%) of respondents said they spend at least 6 hours per week listening to digital audio and watching digital video. Overall, slightly more say they listen to digital audio on a weekly basis than say they watch digital video each week.

Three in 5 (61%) respondents report spending less time listening to the radio or watching TV at home because of the internet. Indeed, listening online seems to be the default choice for many, as two-thirds (66%) say they prefer to stream music via the internet or on mobile apps in contrast to traditional methods. And, while Pandora (25%) and Spotify (20%) are the most used channels for streaming music, nearly three-quarters (73%) of the respondents who listen to digital audio stream content on channels other than Pandora, Spotify and iHeart.

What does all this mean for advertisers? As detailed in the MarketingCharts Media Audience Demographics Report [available for purchase], although Hispanics under-index in traditional media such as broadcast TV and terrestrial radio, they are 21% more likely than average to listen to online radio in a typical month. This makes digital audio a viable avenue to reach Hispanic consumers.

That said, brands are likely missing the opportunity, as past research has shown that Hispanic Americans are woefully underrepresented in advertising. PQ Media and the ANA have found that while Hispanics make up almost one-fifth (18.1%) of the US population, less than 4% of advertising spend is targeted to them. This underrepresentation is reflected in H Code’s survey, with around 8 in 10 (78%) of respondents saying they don’t think brands target Hispanics enough. Seven in 10 (69%) also feel that more ads should be specifically made to resonate with the Hispanic community.

And, with the vast majority (85%) of respondents saying that their culture is incredibly important to who they are, advertisers are likely to benefit when they align themselves accordingly. Three-quarters (75%) of respondents say that if a brand makes an effort to include these elements, they are more likely to look favorably on them or purchase their products.

The reverse can also be true. As seen in research from Adobe, two-fifths (40%) of Hispanic adults say they have cut ties with a brand that didn’t represent their identity in its advertising.

The full report can be downloaded here.

About the Data: Results are based on a survey of 1,069 Hispanic respondents (both English and Spanish-speaking, representing all of the main geographical areas in the US.

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