Brand Emails Promoting Pinterest Get Strong Open, Click Rates

August 28, 2012

experian-social-promotion-emails-opens-clicks-august2012.pngPinterest is seeing explosive growth in social media market share across the world, up 5124% in share of visits to all social media sites in North America, according to new data from Experian Hitwise UK. A separate study from Experian Marketing Services finds that brands that promote the social network in their emails are generating open rates that are 11.1% higher than other promotion mailings, and unique click rates that are 24.7% higher. That study reveals that the top social networks displayed or promoted in emails are Facebook (97%), Twitter (91%), YouTube (45%), and Pinterest (32%).

Better Results for Emails Promoting Pinterest Than Facebook or Twitter

The Experian Marketing Services study indicates that emails promoting Pinterest generate an average open rate of 14.1%, slightly higher than those promoting Twitter (14%), and 11% higher than those promoting Facebook (12.7%). Pinterest-promoting emails also garner stronger unique click rates, at 2.6%, compared to 2.3% for emails promoting Twitter and 1.9% for those promoting Facebook.

Twitter Promotions Good for Opens; Facebook Delivers Traffic

Further details suggest that Twitter is no slouch in generating opens. In fact, Twitter “Follow us” mailings see open rates that are 9.5% higher than other mailings. Even so, there is not much variance in unique click rates, with “Follow us” mailings only seeing 0.7% higher unique clicks than other mailings.

“Like us” emails (promoting a Facebook presence) fare relatively poorly, with just a 1.5% higher-than-average open rate, and a 17.5% lower-than-average unique click rate. What these emails do achieve, though, is an uptick in website traffic: 60% of the brands studied that used “Facebook” in their email subject line averaged a 27% increase in traffic to their website from Facebook the week following deployment.

Pinterest, Instagram See Massive Growth Worldwide

According to the Experian Hitwise UK findings, Pinterest has not only seen massive social media market share growth in North America, but also in Australia (798%), Hong Kong (2373%), New Zealand (843%), Singapore (623%), and the UK (1489%). Instagram’s growth has been similarly spectacular, up: 362% in Australia; 132% in Hong Kong; 843% in New Zealand; 17,319% in North America; 8,121% in Singapore; and 2,028% in the UK.

According to the latest comScore Media Metrix data, based on the top 250 properties in July, Instagram grew the most rapidly, with a 38% rise in visitors, to 22.74 million.

Other Findings:

  • The Experian Hitwise UK report indicates that Pinterest and Instagram are now among the top 20 social media networks in Singapore, the UK, and North America.
  • Other fast-growing social networks include: Reddit, up 177% in Australia and 107% in New Zealand; Google+, up 5,750% in Brazil and 476% in the UK; and, up 7,435% in North America.
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