Measurement Top Marketing Bottleneck

May 12, 2011

unica-mktg-bottlenecks-may-2011.JPGMeasurement, analysis and learning is the most frequently cited bottleneck affecting marketers, according to [pdf] a study conducted in Q4 2010 by Unica. Data from “The State of Marketing 2011” indicates 57% of North American and European marketers consider measurement, analysis and learning to be a bottleneck.

Tech-related Processes Rank 2nd and 3rd

Measurement, analysis and learning is followed by two technology-related bottlenecks: integrating cross-channel efforts (53%) and IT support of marketing technology needs (47%). The least-cited bottleneck, channel execution and delivery (31%) is also technological in nature.

Unica notes there is a sharp distinction of priorities in this list of bottlenecks, with 26 percentage points separating the top and bottom choices (more than one selection permitted).

Turning Data into Actions Most Important Issue

unica-top-issues-may-2011.JPGWhen asked to select their top three marketing issues from a list of seven, the most respondents chose turning data into actions (62%). This figure is roughly 17% higher than the percentage who selected the second-most-popular issue, attributing success to marketing (53%).

North Americans, Europeans Have Differing View of Issues

Dividing the response rates to different issues by origin of respondent, in several cases significant differences in opinion among North American and European marketers become apparent. For example, 70% of North American marketers but only 52% of European marketers selected turning data into actions.

North American marketers were also substantially more likely to cite integrating marketing across channels (48%) than their European counterparts (38%), while European marketers were more likely to mention attributing success to marketing (58%) than North Americans (49%).
Interestingly, Europeans also had a rate (27%) of selecting what was overall the least popular issue, shifting marketing to social media, almost twice as high as that of North Americans (14%).

Technology Seen as Productivity Answer

unica-mktgt-tech-may-2011.JPGSlightly more than half of respondents (51%) said improved technology infrastructure or software could most increase their marketing organization’s productivity, while 36% cited additional staff/headcount and only 13% said more support from external agencies.

Responses to this question also varied by continent. North Americans were more likely than Europeans to choose technology (55% compared to 45%) and additional staff/headcount (38% compared to 32%). However, Europeans selected external agency support at a rate more than triple that of North Americans (23% compared to 7%).

RSW/US: Digital Marketing Shift Slows, But Continues

More than half (55%) of US marketers state they have shifted 30% or more of their marketing spend into the digital space in the past three years, according to data compiled in March 2011 by agency/client relationship advisers RSW/US. The “2011 New Business Report: A Client’s Look Ahead at Agencies” shows that this figure has dropped 18% from 67% in 2010, but still indicates aggressive digital marketing activity.

About the Data: 279 online and direct marketing professionals participated in Unica’s Annual Marketing Survey. North America represents respondents from the US & Canada. Europe represents respondents from eight European countries that are large technology markets. 179 surveys were completed using the large random research panels and 100 surveys were completed from Unica-supplied sample sources of customers and prospects. Online surveys were conducted in Q4 2010.

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