Fred Thompson’s Site Top-Visited among All Presidential Candidates’ Last Week

September 13, 2007

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Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s website,, was the most-visited website among those of all presidential candidates for the week ended Sept. 8, according to Hitwise data. received 34% of US visits to all the presidential candidate websites for that week.

Barack Obama’s website,, received 13.49% of US visits for the week, and was the second most-visited candidate site. Republican candidate Ron Paul’s website,, was third, receiving12.88% of visits.

Visitors to Fred Thompson’s site were primarily male (65.56%) and older (40.28% were 55 or older) during the four weeks ended Sept. 8. Some 10.86% of traffic came from Tennessee online users.

Among Republicans only, the sites of Thompson (55.02% of visits) and Paul (20.41%) were followed by those of Mike Huckabee (7.59%), John McCain (5.3%) and Mitt Romney (5.03%), with the share of most US visits to Republican presidential candidates.


Among Democrats only, Obama’s website (36.59% of visits) was followed by those of Hillary Clinton (28.15%), John Edwards (17.67%), Joe Biden (5.79%) and Dennis Kucinich (5.67%).

Traffic from select Web 2.0 websites, including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, increased 205% to all the candidate websites in August 2007 compared with January 2007, Hitwise said.

Republican Ron Paul received the most traffic from the select group of Web 2.0 websites, followed by Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, according to the data.
“The online focus of the last presidential election was all about blogs and their effectiveness in communicating with potential voters,” said Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise. “In the 2008 Presidential election, the internet’s role is changing from a one-way communication channel to a two-way conversation enabled by social networking.”

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