Advertisers Experience Personal vs Professional Conflict for Data Privacy

May 2, 2019

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Do you use media differently to how you want your customers to use media? If so, you’re not alone – almost three-quarters (72%) of advertisers say they hold divergent professional and personal perceptions about one or more of the media brands they use. While concerns about data privacy and security have curtailed their personal use of social media, advertisers still believe it is a great way to get results for their clients, per a new webinar presentation [PDF] from Advertiser Perceptions.

The report found that more than half (52%) of the 200+ advertisers interviewed believe that media companies should be responsible for ensuring that consumer data privacy is protected in the context of highly personalized targeting. However, these same advertisers do not believe that media companies are doing a great job of it, with only 19% giving a positive rating for how well media companies are balancing data privacy with highly targeted advertising. On the other end of the spectrum, 18% rated media companies negatively in this light.

Advertisers are not the only ones holding media companies responsible for data privacy. Social media users are making it clear that they place the onus on media companies as well, with many users taking a break from Facebook and the reputation of the social media giant taking a tumble after a wave of data protection and privacy issues.

For advertisers, social media isn’t the only area where they have to weigh their personal opinions and concerns against what will best serve their clients. Tracking mobile users is another area where advertisers are feeling such a dichotomy.

A report from Adobe last year stated that – in an attempt to woo more mobile users – more than three-quarters (76%) of marketers were prioritizing mobile privacy and data security. In this current report, some 43% of advertisers reported being very concerned about privacy issues related to tracking users via their mobile device IDs.

On the other hand, when considering how tracking can enhance targeting efforts for their clients, 2 in 5 respondents expressed that it was very important to be able to track users through their mobile device ID.

To read more, you can download the presentation here.

About the Data: Some 201 advertisers were interviewed in March 2019. All respondents were 100% involved in media brand selection decisions.

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