8 in 10 Agencies Trust Offline Data Most For Targeted Digital Advertising

November 9, 2012

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81% of agencies say they use trusted offline data to best target digital advertising, according to [pdf] survey results from eXelate. Offline data includes such sources as Nielsen and Mastercard. By contrast, 76% of networks, exchanges and demand-side platform providers (DSPs) favor custom data for targeting digital ads. Custom data refers to data created based on first party data or past performance data, modeled to create scale. 71% of marketers agree with those networks, exchanges and DSPs.

As an example of offline utility for online targeting, Nielsen in August announced Nielsen Online Audience Segments ”“ TV, which links online and offline (TV viewing) behavior, ostensibly to more strategically align cross-platform campaigns. Among the early partners are platform providers Adap.TV, Microsoft, Specific Media, Undertone, and Videology.

According to an Econsultancy study released in February, 89% of global company marketers believed it will be important to use offline data over the next few years to optimize the online experience, and 90% of agency respondents agreed that this would be important to their clients.

Offline Significant In Branding, Trails For Direct Response

For branding campaigns, just under one-third of agencies and marketers surveyed by Exelate favor offline data, as do one-quarter of networks, exchanges and DSPs. But each segment gives custom data the highest marks (37%, 36% and 48% respectively).

Offline data is less well-rated for direct response campaigns. It is the top rated data type by 19% of agencies, 15% of networks/exchanges/DSPs and 25% of marketers. Custom data again is most favored (43%, 58% and 46% respectively). CRM is valued in direct response as well, by 16% of agencies and 12% of marketers.

Other Findings:

  • Each group of respondents plans to increase its budget for data in 2013.
  • 68% of agencies attribute their budget increase to the efficiency of data, which supports strategic ad spend allocation. 78% of ad platform respondents cite the strategic value of data, which helps them discern useful insights. 70% of marketers believe data is tactical, helping them identify people who are like their best customers.

About The Data: The Exelate data is based on surveys completed by 875 respondents at agencies (54%), marketers (15%) and ad platforms (31% at ad networks, ad exchanges and Demand Side Platforms).

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