How Are Marketers Improving Lead Gen Quality?

September 11, 2019

Improving the quality of lead generation remains a priority for marketers, with the majority (88%) allocating more of their total budget towards improving the quality of leads generated. How is this being done? For 3 in 5 marketing influencers surveyed for a report [download page] by Ascend2,  improving the personalization of their marketing efforts is one of their primary strategies.

Some 57% of the respondents also cite another primary strategy for generating higher quality leads as improving their content as well as their content engagement. In the B2B space, where the majority of marketers surveyed by Demand Gen Report say that focusing on lead quality over quantity is one of their top priorities this year, getting the content into the hands of the right stakeholders can be a challenge. And, while a majority (62%) of B2B organizations gate their content to generate quality leads, Walker Sands has found that gating content can inhibit receiving accurate contact information, while other prospects (particularly high-level decision-makers) choose not to download content if it means giving out contact information.

Marketing influencers also say that other strategies they are using for improving lead generation quality include improving aspects such as their data management tools and platforms (30%), third-party lead sources (28%), data cleaning process (15%) and AI and prediction technology (11%).

However, even as respondents say these are their primary strategies for improving the quality of their leads, to some extent they are also the most critical challenges to success. In fact, just more than half (53%) of respondents say that improving content and its engagement is a critical challenge, followed by improving personalization of marketing efforts (44%).

Which Tactics Are Most Effective?

Three in 5 respondents surveyed indicate that social media is one of their most effective tactics when it comes to improving the quality of leads generated. This is followed by email marketing (40%), website personalization (38%) and content/video marketing (34%).

Further down the list, a little more than one-quarter (28%) of respondents say that events or demo registrations are one of the most effective tactics they have used. This is, perhaps, a good example of the differences between tactics that are more effective, depending on what channel marketers are working in.

This particular survey encompassed both B2C and B2B marketers, though it skewed more towards the B2C side. As such, it’s worth noting that while social media is likely to be an effective channel in generating quality leads for the B2C or hybrid organizations that make up the majority (65%) of respondents, other research has found that more than three-quarters (76%) of B2B marketers consider in-person events to be their most effective tactic.

Which Metrics Are Being Used to Measure Quality?

Close to 3 in 10 marketing influencers indicated that one of their primary strategies to improve lead gen quality was to improve the metrics they used. When asked what metrics they find most effective in measuring lead generation quality, more than half (56%) cited sales revenue generated. Another half (48%) said that they find conversion rate to customer to be an effective metric, while 3 in 10 find lead ROI to be an effective metric.

Most marketers are also keeping a frequent eye on the quality of leads. More than half (54% share) of the respondents say they continuously monitor their lead quality, with 38% measuring lead quality occasionally. Only a small share (8% of respondents) say that lead quality is rarely or never measured.

You can download the full report here.

About the Data: Ascend2 surveyed 260 marketing influencers. Respondents were from a mix of B2B (35%), B2C (48%) and B2B and B2C (17%) channels.

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