Yahoo News, CNN Website Get Most Election-Day Visits

November 6, 2008

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Yahoo News, and were the most visited media/political websites on Election Day 2008, while traffic to social networks and Barack Obama’s website also saw jumps on Nov. 4, according to data from Hitwise. Visits to John McCain’s website declined during the same time period.


Key Election-Day statistics:

  • Yahoo News received .72% of all US internet visits and was the most visited website on Tuesday, Nov. 4 among the media/political websites tracked. Traffic grew 55% between Nov. 3 and Nov. 4.
  • was the most visited TV network website.? It received .61% of all US internet visits and traffic increased 146% on Nov. 4 vs.? Nov. 3.
  • was the third-most-visited website, receiving .40% of US internet visits on Nov. 4 and seeing a 122% increase in traffic.
  • MySpace and Facebook both saw 6% increases in traffic on Election Day vs. the previous day.


  • Twitter Election 2008’s visits increased 1100% and’s traffic rose by 43% on Election day.
  • US visits to Yahoo News increased 55% on Election day and visits to Google News were up 58%.
  • Barack Obama’s website saw a 6% increase in US visits on Election day, while US visits to John McCain’s website dropped 18%.

About the data: The data is for Nov. 4, Nov. 3 and Oct. 28, 2008 and compares the percent change in US visits for those days along with the time spent on selected sites.

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