This Is What Marketers Want From Customer Data Platforms

April 9, 2020

AdPerceptions Important CDP Objectives Apr2020The use of a customer data platform (CDP) has become a staple for marketing teams wanting to achieve unified and data-driven customer management. According to recent research from Advertiser Perceptions, marketers are turning to CDPs for better customer engagement and enhanced digital advertising, among other benefits.

Respondents had several objectives in mind with varying priorities in terms of their experience with CDPs. Almost 8 in 10 (77%) saw customer engagement as a key objective, making this the primary reason for marketers to use a CDP. At #2 was the desire to improve sales, both online and offline (64%), with customer acquisition at #3 (62%) and branding at #4 (50%).

In terms of specific marketing processes, digital advertising was the top use for a CDP in the eyes of 2 in 3 respondents (67%). The report indicates that marketers feel that it’s important for CDPs to help them create marketing campaigns that better speak to customer needs. Moreover, about three-quarters (76%) consider it important that a CDP help them improve the impact of ad campaigns.

Respondents ranked a single customer view across channels and devices as the most important capability in a CDP. This capability leads marketers to look to CDPs to help them accomplish successful campaigns: 73% thought that it was important that their CDP help them provide offers that align with customer profiles, with a further 7 in 10 finding it important for them to allow for personalization of future customer decision journeys.

The report covers the challenges that might accompany the use of CDPs as well as the many benefits. Where integrating data from different marketing and media channels was the #1 benefit for respondents, a difficulty exporting that data back into the martech stack and external systems was the top challenge faced. Other challenges were more culture or people-oriented, with the inability to achieve cross-company collaboration at #2 and a complex installation process at #3.

About the data: Based on a December 2019 survey respondents involved in the use or selection of 1st party data solutions/platforms. Respondents work at companies with 250+ employees and were involved in using or selecting CDP currently or expect to use in the next 12 months.

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