Marketers Expect to Prioritize AI Use for Ad Creation and Placement

March 17, 2020

AdPerceptions Use of AI to Create Ads Mar2020Recently, some marketing professionals labeled artificial intelligence (AI) as one of the most overhyped technologies after chatbots and podcasts. However, while a recent study by Advertiser Perceptions found that half of the more than 300 marketers and agency professionals they interviewed had no plans to make use of AI in their advertising efforts, the other half have a strategy in place, with 32% saying they plan to use AI for this purpose sometime within the next 12 months.

Although marketers are only making inroads in their real-time personalization efforts in certain channels, are the demands for personalization likely to push advertisers to use AI for ad creation? About 4 in 10 (38%) say that they believe it is inevitable that they will use AI to create original ads, while 42% say they imagine using it to customize existing creative for programmatic buys. Only one-fifth (20%) say they will only use AI to inform strategy but not to develop creative.

Nearly one-third (32%) of marketers and agency executives say that they are currently using AI to create ads. Among these, 3 in 5 are using AI developing digital banners, while more than half (54%) are creating social media posts. Others are using AI to develop digital out-of-home ads (45%) and TV and CTV video ads (36%).

Advertiser Perceptions also reports that those marketers who are using AI currently prioritize its use for advanced customer segmentation. However, in 2 years’ time, they predict that media selection and buying, followed by creative ad development, will be the most prioritized use cases.

Additionally, the study found that among companies using AI for marketing, the person in charge of the technology varies from company to company, with authority being spread out among advertising executives, CTOs, CIOs, directors and IT departments.

About the Data: Findings are based on interviews with 303 marketers (40%) and agency (60%) contacts from Advertiser Perceptions Media Maker Database as well as other third-party databases. Interviews were fielded in January 2020.

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