What Are Americans’ New Year’s Resolutions?

January 4, 2018

Each new year starts with optimism about new beginnings and improvements. So what do American adults have in mind for 2018? A survey from YouGov [pdf] indicates that people are focused on saving money and getting healthier this year.

All told, roughly two-thirds (68%) of adults planned on making New Year’s resolutions for this year, per the report.

The top 3 resolutions, each made by 37% of respondents, were:

  • Eating healthier;
  • Getting more exercise; and
  • Saving (more) money.

Earlier research from YouGov suggests that people will be saving more money this year as opposed to just beginning to save. That earlier study found 87% of adults claiming to already save money, mostly with travel and retirement in mind.

In this latest survey, saving money was the top goal for both Millennials (18-34) and Gen Xers (35-54), particularly among the younger group. Older adults are more focused on health concerns.

Saving money is also the top resolution for adults with children under the age of 18 as well as for middle-income adults.

More Than 4 in 10 Adults Plan to Travel This Year

As noted above, many adults save money with travel in mind. And of the major plans that adults are making for this year, travel features most prominently, according to a survey from Ask Your Target Market (AYTM).

Indeed, some 42% of adults surveyed plan to travel this year, the vast majority of whom will be taking a vacation as opposed to traveling for business.

This year, more than one-quarter of adults also plan to buy a car, with around 6 in 10 of this group planning to buy a specific brand of car.

Finally, some 16% expect to move, most commonly within the same city or town or within the same state.

Recent data from the US Census Bureau indicates that the national mover rate last year was 11%, matching an all-time low. Youth continued to be the most likely to move, as roughly 1 in 5 18-34-year-olds moved between 2016 and 2017. The majority of Americans who moved last year moved within the same county (61.9%), while fewer than 1 in 12 (7.7%) moved to a different region.

About the Data: The YouGov survey was conducted during the first half of December 2017 among 1,159 US adults. The AYTM results are based on a December 2017 survey of 1,000 US adults.

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