Top 5 Use Cases on Smartphones: Messaging Comes First

July 10, 2017

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More US smartphone owners regularly use messaging than make phone calls, according to a recent study from Axway. The survey asked respondents to identify their top 5 use cases, with 70% pointing to messaging, ahead of phone calls (62%) and email (54%).

Social networking was also in the mix (51%) and perhaps surprisingly low on a percentage basis given how much social media time is spent on mobile devices. The averages might have been watered down by older consumers (few older than 65 use social media), but the smartphone users surveyed were aged 18-60, which negates that a little.

Meanwhile, more than one-fifth of the respondents cited shopping (23%) and banking (21%) as being among their top 5 smartphone use cases.

Other Findings:

Other highlights from the report follow.

  • Privacy and security sit atop people’s wish lists for smartphones, with almost 7 in 10 wanting future development to focus on data privacy and security instead of new apps and features. That’s consistent with a new report from the MEF, in which data privacy and security emerged as key issues for smartphone owners.
  • When asked what smartphones will replace next, some 37% respondents that they believe it will replace ATM cards. Interestingly, research from suggests that mobile wallet usage in the US is still limited.
  • Battery power is also a key component of the mobile experience, with this a bigger priority for smartphone users than wireless charging or increased durability.

About the Data: Axway’s survey was conducted by Research+Data Insights (RDI) among 1,200 smartphone users in the US who use Apple, Android and Windows devices. Respondents ranged from 18-60 years old.

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