What Information Will Consumers Share for Better Service?

April 8, 2015

EconsultancyIBM-Consumer-Data-Sharing-for-Better-Service-Apr2015Source: Econsultancy / IBM ExperienceOne [download page]

    Notes: Most US adults are comfortable with companies having information about them including their product interests (80%) and history with the company (79%) in order to better their service, but far fewer (as expected) are comfortable with companies knowing their location and time data (38%) or their personally identifiable information (PII; 37%). Notably, though, respondents were far more likely to be comfortable with trusted companies (limited in this case to retailers and travel/hospitality brands) having access to their location data (72%) and PII (61%).

    Indeed, separate survey results indicate that, for respondents, the most important attribute of “the perfect company” is one that is very trustworthy with their data and information.

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        About the Data: The survey collecting more than 1,135 responses from US adults. While most demographic aspects reflect norms in the US, some quotas were put in place to ensure sufficient response from select groups. For example, 40% of the sample reports a household income above $100k. All respondents also had to cite at least one multi-channel retail relationship.

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