Internet Radio Scorecard: Jan. 2007

April 18, 2007

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The total number of unique visitors to internet radio in January 2007 grew 22% year over year, to about 53.3 million, according to J.P. Morgan Securities. Sequentially (from Dec ’06), unique visitors declined 9%.

That sequential decline was the net result of a 15% decline in unique visitors for the pure-play internet operators and a 2% sequential gain for the internet sites of terrestrial radio operators.

Since Jan 2006, the internet radio audience has grown at a 1.6% compound monthly rate.

  • The of unique visitors the sites of terrestrial operators increased about 71% year over year and about 2% sequentially. Unique visitors for the internet operators grew about 4% year over year, despite the 15% sequential decline from December to January.
  • Year-over-year growth is stronger for terrestrial operators than for the pure-play internet players both because of the terrestrial operators’ recent investments in digital/online operations and because of the smaller visitor base from which growth is being recorded.
  • Accordingly, terrestrial’s share of total internet radio unique visitors hit a new high. In January, the terrestrial operators’ share of unique visitors increased to 37% from 26% a year earlier, while the internet operators’ share fell to 63% from 74% a year earlier. 
  • CBS Radio’s unique visitors increased 4% sequentially, to 3.1 million in January, while Clear Clear Channel Online Music & Radio’s unique visitors declined about 5% sequentially, to 9.2 million.
  • Collectively, unique visitors to the sites of CCOMR and CBS Radio now account for more than 23% of the total internet radio audience.
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