Radio Websites Could Offer Astute Politicians an Advantage

September 19, 2007

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At a time when political candidates are looking for every edge they can find to motivate voters, radio websites could be a good place to start, according to a study conducted by The Media Audit (via MediaBuyerPlanner).

“Nearly 70% of radio website visitors are active voters compared to approximately 60% for the general market. That’s a 15% advantage,” said Bob Jordan, president of The Media Audit.


Additional findings from the study:

  • Nearly 75% of adults are internet users, and nearly two-thirds of those internet users are active voters.
  • Compared with the general market, internet visitors are 8% more likely to vote.
  • Moreover, the 17.6% of adult online visitors who go to radio websites are even more active voters than the average adult visitor to the internet.


  • In terms of party affiliation and media use, both Democrats and Independents match the general market for going online or visiting radio websites.
  • Republicans, however, show a definite skew toward internet use and visiting radio websites; they are nearly 15% more likely to go to radio websites compared with the general adult population:


  • Republicans tend to skew to the business day when going online; Democrats and Independents tend to skew to late in the day:


About the study: The Media Audit interviewed 118,211 randomly selected adults in 88 markets across the US. The telephone survey was completed between January 2006 and April 2007.

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